Text message lands man in court

13:26 Aug 3 2012 Nakuru, Kenya

A man was arraigned in a Nakuru court for sending threatening messages to a married woman who he is thought to be in love with.
Zakayo Njoroge Ng’ang’a is alleged to have intentionally used his phone to send threatening text messages to Rehab Mweru Kanyingi contrary to section 29 (a) of the Kenya Communications Act of 2004.
In a text sent on 28th June 2012, the suspect said (in Kiswahili), “Usidhani eti sina mia ya kununua petroli na hakuna atakae epuke! Kama ni bwana unaye, ploti utajenga, mtoto utanunua then u lucky.” (Don’t think I don’t have Sh100 to buy petrol and when I do so, no one will escape. If you have a husband, a house and child, then you are lucky.)

The second text message sent on 12th June stated, “tell your brother to give you security today, even against your legal husband,” with the last message being “that is a shadow to me, am coming today.”

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Samuel Mungai, the Zakayo denied the charges and was released on a Ksh100,000 bond and a surety of similar amount and a cash bail of Ksh 50,000.
The case will be heard on 18th September.

This is a case of a man wanting a woman who is already committed elsewhere. The man now employs fear tactics by sending threatening messages to the woman including that of burning her house, husband and child. Why would he not simply accept that he can’t have her?
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