Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru christened 'Prostitute'

19:19 Sep 14 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

On September 14th at 3:20pm, a man calling himself Albert Waiganjo a man with over 7000 followers on Facebook posted the following message on his timeline:

"When it comes to CS Anne Waiguru, Uhuru Kenyatta is helpless; he can't sack her for squandering 790 million tax payers money because of the steamy sex they enjoy together. Moreover, do not expect Waiguru to resign from her job for prostitutes don't do that. Kenyans will only be safe when Uhuru stops thinking with his "cut" dipstick"

Earlier, on September 11th at 4:17pm he had also posted the following message :

"Message to Uhuru Kenyatta

Stop sleeping with Ann Waiguru and pay teachers from the NYS a/c. She is your most corrupt prostitute in Kenya. Alternatively pay her from your own pocket like a man. Tax payers money is not for boinking!

Anne Waiguru is the Cabinet Secretary in charge of the devolution and planning docket in kenya. Uhuru Kenyatta is the President of the republic of Kenya. So, according to Albert Waiganjo, the two are allegedly having an affair. And unfortunately he (Albert) does not judge Anne on her performance as a minister but based on her gender.
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