Martha Karua's bedroom Affairs exposed.

16:14 Oct 6 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

The author portrays Hon. Martha Karua as a loose immoral woman who keeps ruining people's families by snatching their men. He narrates how Ms Karua dumped her former husband Mr Njoka, went ahead to befriend Justice GBM Kariuki who was a married man. He attributes all Justice misfortunes to Karua. He goes ahead to purport that Ms Karua is now dating Ceaser Ngigi and warns Ceaser to run by portraying Ms karua as a husband snatcher and one who ruins the lives of not only the families but also the men involved with her. The article paints the presidential aspirant most negatively and is meant to humiliate her. The picture taken of her kissing a man looks Photoshopped. He says the narration was by one Dee Hurtz.
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