Backlash on Ngina Kenyatta for her dressing and on traveling to Paris with her dad

13:45 Dec 2 2015 Nairobi, Kenya

First the bloggers and Kenyans on twitter picked on her for her dressing. wrote:

Ngina Kenyatta who is one of Kenya’s favorite girls was recently lambasted for ‘inappropriate’ and ‘shabby’ attire worn during the pope’s visit at State House.

The outfit that had Kenyans scandalized was a simple pair of Khaki pants and a long sleeved black blouse.

Many felt as the First Daughter she should have made an attempt to look elegant. The fact that her brothers looked well-turned out in their bespoke suits further aggravated Kenyans who kept asking her ‘why can’t you dress as well as your brothers?’

But where the young Ngina failed in impressing, Mama Ngina at 82 did not disappoint. Here she is rocking a blue and black outfit and pearls alongside Kibaki. A look she pulled off so well that some even confused her with Othaya MP Mary Wambui.

( wrote:

"President Kenyatta's daughter Ngina is all over the new after she posed for a family photo with the pope wearing a tight figure hugging white jeans.

The family was meeting the pope for a state dinner and Ngina didn't dress well for the occasion which was meant to honor the religious leader.

The first daughter seemed to have left in a hurry or didn't care what papa Francis r the delegates he was with would think. The KOT went crazy when Unye posted the photo online."

Next they picked on her for travelling to Paris with her father (

Woishee: Ngina Kenyatta Causes an Uproar and Loud Complaining On Twitter after Accompanying Her Daddy to France

Written by Sue Watiri
Created: 01 December 2015

Ngina Kenyatta is a lovely girl, and Kenyans certainly went bonkers for her after she showed up during the 2013 presidential campaign.

She rarely appears in public, but when she does it causes a pandemonium of the good kind. But nowadays, her presence in the public eye is causing disapproval and upheaval from the same people who once praised her. At first Kenyans were super pissed at her after she showed up to meet the pope in a simple shirt and trouser and now people are mad at her for accompanying her daddy to France for the 2015 Climate Change Summit.

Here are some reactions:

Baba Nanii™ ‏@BabaNanii: Ngina Kenyatta is in Paris too? Oh, I didn't know that she's an environmentalist. #ParisClimateConference

Upright Citizen: What value does Ngina Kenyatta add? Never seen a govt that disrespects taxpayers like this.

basil shuiski!! ‏@BasilShuiski: Why is uhuru Kenyatta traveling with her daughter ngina Kenyatta to the Paris climate talks .

Njeri Wangari ‏@NjeriWangari :Don't hate on Ngina Kenyatta, she had a school project to write on the effects of climate change & dad offered to help her.

And on

Kenyans On twitter hit on Ngina Kenyatta yet again for travelling to paris on the president's official trip.

Its with no doubt that Ngina Kenyatta is one of the hottest chics in the country. Bearing in mind her high profile as she is the daughter of the president of the republic of Kenya, Kenyans on twitter have un mercilessly decided to hit on her for the last three days.
It all started during the popes visit when Ngina Kenyatta appeared with a tight white jeans that according to social media users was not the appropriate wear to stand before the pope with.

Well that was gone and now the trending hits are about her appearance in the High profile trip in Paris.
Ngina Kenyatta happens to be one of those who accompanied president Uhuru Kenyatta to the climate change meeting at le Bourget in paris.

Her presence there seem not to please several social media users and here are some of the reactions.

LtCaezar ‏@LtCaezar ; What value does Ngina Kenyatta add? Never seen a govt that disrespects taxpayers like this.

Chris-Leo Ngaruthi ‏@Ngaruthi; I can’t wait to hear Ngina Kenyatta contributions to Climate change debate and CO2e offset per Kyoto SMDH!

Gituru Mwai ‏@gitweeta; But Ngina has to be taken to New York and Paris to stare and look around and you know she wont sleep in a hostel. So #hustle
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