Anonymous takes and shares photos online of girls half nude

18:11 Dec 10 2015 nairobi, Kenya

This was the title of the report:
"A Fat Pantyless Girl Exposes Her ‘Guava’ As She Rides Mechanical Bull In A Nairobi Club Along Kimathi Streets
Written by Martin Oduor
Created: 04 December 2015

And this was the story in the blog/page :

"Crazy things are happening in Nairobi nightclubs it makes you wonder whether this are the end times.

A few nights ago, gripping action was taking place at a City club located along Kimathi Street. Girls were riding a mechanical bull.

When ladies ride mechanical bulls, there are a number of things that usually happen. First if they have weaves, the donkey hair gets gusted all over the face as soon as the bull starts quaking.

The other part affected are the boobs, they sway violently in all directions even when gripped by the tightest bra.

Lastly are the thighs, they are usually spread wide open as girls try to hold firmly to the frolicking mechanical bull.

Things get messy especially when girls rocking thongs or those with nothing to cover their ‘guava’ take on the mechanical bull.

A fat pantyless girl tried ridding the bull and in the process ended up giving revelers unparalleled view of her equally fat punani. The girl unfurled her giant drumsticks wider than the gates of hell exposing everything between her legs."

They went on to upload photos of half naked women, without their consent I suppose, to draw visitors to their site.
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