The SMS that may land Nanyuki man in court

13:53 Aug 3 2012 Nanyuki, Kenya

A man who sent an SMS message to his estranged girlfriend threatening her not ask for money has been charged before a Nanyuki court for ‘improper use of a licensed telecommunication system.’

The man, Richard Parsinei Liosoi, reportedly sent his ex-girlfriend, Merrily Daniel Ole Kanjori, who now lives with another man but is taking care of the child they had together a text that read;

“te wife will gte ur head in de black paper bag wl make sure umekufa I cannot give u bassary ur prostitute even ur bro. unashindana na ndovu kuhara court nitaenda na pesa zitafanya kazi nitoke u wil just all loosers idiot. Kwani umesahau babangu ni mganga hatari”

This roughly translates to “stop asking for money you prostitute, or you will find your head in a black paper bag. Why are you competing with an elephant that has a running stomach? I will go to court and win this case because just in case you have forgotten, my father is a famous witch doctor.”

Hearing the case Senior Resident Magistrate Caroline Obara saw no humour in the man’s text and set a bail of of ksh 50,000 which the accused pleaded against and was reduced to Ksh 30,000.The next hearing was set for 18th June 2012, but we could not trace the ruling.

Due to recently passed legislation courts take dim view of people sending threatening text messages to each other. Some are pushing for the same to be applied to those insulting and bullying others online.

This is a common case of sour grapes. The man is resentful of his former girlfriend and the fact that she has moved on and living with another man. It seems he is still bitter and threatening to use all means available including witchcraft to create fear in the woman. He also has no qualms about corrupting the judicial process just to make sure she will suffer. It demonstrates the contempt for the very means of redress (judicial process) that women may resort to in times of harassment.
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