Lilian Muli's affair with Jared Nevaton

17:55 May 10 2017 Nairobi, Kenya

Posting pictures of Lilian Muli with Jared Nevaton while referring to lilian as " sexy TV siren" and also insinuating that she is bitter or hitting at the former husband by writing that she is " sharing cryptic messages about relationships which many speculated were indirectly attacking her ex-husband" are all an attack on Lilian as a person. The writer is infringing on her privacy having been stalking her for over two years now. Her private life should be left to her and her family. The fact that she is a TV personality does not mean her life is put on hold.
By saying "Jared, who is known for his flashy lifestyle, has been bankrolling Shabana FC" , the writer is also insinuating that Lilian may be in the affair for the love of money which is in bad taste. Lilian is well paid to live a flashy lifestyle even without Jared.
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