nyakundi lunches fressh attacks on Caroline muypko

11:50 Jun 12 2017 Nairobi Kenya

After recruiting many Kenyan Women to the whore Culture, Caroline Mutoko is now rallying for Uhuru Kenyatta and championing for his re-election.
What does Mutoko Stand for? Nothing ....Nothing ....And Nothing
Tracking her career, Mutoko left nothing desirable. He tenure on radio indoctrinated women, lying to them that they can be whores and still be respected in society.
Mutoko is the one who programmed Kenyan women to be begging for Mpesa from men in popular extortion schemes.
The intellectual content of Motoko's shows was so shallow that unlike Oprah Winfrey who at the height of her career started a book club helping Americans develop a reading culture, Mutoko utilized her prime-time perpetuating modern day prostitution.
Other than a few fundraisers where Mutoko pretends to raise a few million shillings as a way to give back to society, her shows have wrecked an entire generation of Kenyans with toxic discourse, Havoc Money cannot pay.
Now, she is dining with thieves, because she is just a hollow Old Camel, that stands for nothing
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