Lilian Muli Privacy violated

12:48 Jun 13 2017 Nairobi, Kenya


A top media personality who was recently dumped by her sponsor, a business mogul, is the talk of the town. Our little bird tells us that the main reason why the lass was ditched is because of her extravagant lifestyle, which she can't even afford, and also, she was cheating on her sponsor with a young man who owns a series of companies in the country.

According to a close friend of the woman, her sponsor had rented her an apartment in one of the city's posh estates, and he had installed hidden cameras in every corner of the house.

Based on this alone, it seems that the moneybags did not trust his side piece. And for the longest time he suspected she was just enjoying his money and privileges and not staying faithful only to him. So, the hidden camera was his way of keeping tabs on his 'romantic investments' with the beautiful media personality.

According to out well-placed sources, there is a sex tape doing the rounds of the screen beauty and the young businessman thanks to the hidden camera recordings.

The cameras caught the two having steamy sex on different days, positions and rooms in the posh apartment. The sponsor, who is now in possession of the tapes, had to dump her and throw her out of his apartment.

One comment on the article has fingered Lilian Muli Kanene!!
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