Cyprian Launches fresh attacks on Vera Sidika advocating for her woes

12:00 Jul 7 2017 Nairobi Kenya

This is Kenya's top-whore. If ever there was a "WorldCup" for illicit sex and socialite tendencies, Vera Sidika would be our representative. Watch her being manhandled by a
Nigerian. It's bad when someone trashes our prime-asset like this. Now if a Nigerian drug-peddler can disrepute our top whore like this, what about your ordinary woman?
What the Nigerian man did, was to show how low the value of Kenyan women is.
Contrary to self-induced fame and hype, Kenyan women need to feel ashamed that the most glamorous socialite in the country, is being treated like trailer-trash by some Nigerian drug-peddler.
He's not even Aliko Dangote. He's just a fucking drug-peddler.
What a disgrace! Kenyan women need to reflect on their place in the grand scheme of things.
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