Members of the Bungoma Digest hurl insults at another member for her political stand

20:28 Jul 13 2017 Bungoma

Miriam Nafula, a member of the Bungoma Digest face book group was abused by fellow members for complaining against political bias. Miriam accused the group admin of removing any member of the group who supported Jubilee and advancing the perception that Bungoma is a NASA. She saidon her post that removing any member of the group for their political affiliation does not “change his/her mind” and advised that it was better to retain the member and convince them.
Other members of the group responded by lashing out at her, one Dan Wekesa called her a prostitute; “ Malaya wewe nasa itashinda”, while Kadir Kuloba posted obscenities at her “#Miriam uhuru atashinda kuma yako kwa vile kuma yako ni kutangi kwa kubeba masperms……” other members demanded the admin removes her along with other Jubilee supporters. Members of the group were clearly divided along the two political sides but the sexist comments were directed at Miriam who made the initial post.
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