Huddah accused of sleeping around

11:23 Jul 26 2017 Nairobi, Kenya

Huddah Moreo a Kenyan socialite is accused of sleeping around with different celebrities.This is an extract from the blog. And I quote "It’s not clear what Huddah Monroe actually does, but we all think it’s something interesting, and it involves globetrotting and just living a luxurious life. Don’t we all want that kind of lifestyle?
Huddah Monroe has said it over and over again that women need to start using their guavas to get what they want if they think that’s what made her. We won’t get into Huddah’s debacle with her jealous ‘fans’; you can read that on the post below.
So, how many celebrities have allegedly had a fling with the controversial socialite?"#1. Prezzo – The two apparently met on their way to a salon and became good friends. Few weeks later after Tanzanian socialite Diva came into the picture, their brief relationship came to a halt as Huddah and Diva engaged in an online tussle

2. Mustafa(uncle ukwaju) – Huddah allegedly had a fling with this guy too, but what makes him ‘the king’ is the fact that they apparently had sex 50 times! Huddah rubbished the claims anyway.
#3. Eric Omondi – The rib cracker allegedly had a thing with this lass a while back. Remember the kissing pictures? Well, we interpret it that way. Maybe they never had sex, but who knows?

#4. King Lawrence – Ugandan baller and businessman claimed that he bedded her and actually provided proof when Huddah tried trashing him.
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