Pauline Njoroge is abused by twitter users over a post she made criticizing Orengo

18:25 Jul 26 2017 Nairobi, Kenya

Pauline Njoroge claimed in her tweet that James Orengo is always in court and questioned his relationship to judge Odunga over the ruling he made over the NASA vs IEBC over the printing of the ballot papers. Other twitter users then abused her following her post. One Vanessa Nessa posted saying she was asking a “who is this woman asking a stupid question”, other users got obscene; one Ayola telling her to “calm your clitoris….”while another implied that she is a lesbian; “Did you stop dating fellow ladies?”
Political temperatures are running high as the election date draws closer in Kenya; social media offers the platform upon which Kenyans exercise their free speech albeit irresponsibly in some cases. Social media users seem easily provoked over remarks and opinions that may critique or are perceived to oppose some stand points.
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