Singer Adela trolled after stepping out with this white wig

09:24 Jul 27 2017 Nairobi, Kenya

Singer Dela might be the sexiest singer we have come across in the longest time. She is playing in her own league – that is vocally and I bet the only person who is in her level musically is Victoria Kimani.

Away from that, Dela is not as sassy as we expected her to be. Let us just say that she is a simple lady who enjoys trying out new things and this is how she ended up with a wig that apparently looks like a mob.

Okay…to be honest the hair wasn’t that bad but the person who fixed it left her looking abit crazy and I bet we can all agree to this after checking out the photo below.

Fans on the other hand could not let this slide and decided to tell her the bitter truth with Zero chills judging from what some wrote…
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