Identity theft- An anonymous person uses a fake facebook account to contact facebook users

07:43 Jul 30 2017 Nairobi, Kenya

There is this lady who calls herself Risper Neiko. She sent me a friend request on Thursday and i accepted it after viewing her profile pic. She looked like someone i know called Lister Neko. So yesterday she got into my inbox telling me abt a vacant job of the office assistant at Equity Bank in Thika. I gave her a positive response towards it. Without hesitation she sent me her number and asked to flash her. I didn't flash. She asked me if i rem her well. Rem she is using a pic of someone i know so i told her namjua from way back in primary. My anxiety to know who she really was couldn't wait. I asked her to mention any two of our classmates in primary, she didn't mention pretending to av forgotten them. She went offline! Till now
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